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Gel Pens,Ball Pens_2014_09_21_15_06_44
Gel Pens,Ball Pens_2014_09_21_15_06_44
When you make new business or client contacts, the best thing you can hand them is a custom ballpoint pen. Business cards aren't durable or weighty enough to make the impression that a brand-new writing instrument does. With your company name and logo on the side, that simple custom pen becomes a powerful marketing tool. HALSUN has a selection unlike any other, with styles from basic to baroque. 
Custom pens are versatile advertising specialties, and they are among the most inexpensive and effective promotional tools out there. So why shop with Halsun for your promotional pens? We have a selection of over 1200 logo pens to choose from, with export business since year 2002, so you're sure to find the pens that advertise your message perfectly. 
We are willing to your long-term productional ball pens supplier. With years of experience of suppling clients from USA and Europe, we are prefessional in processing your purchace orders, quality control and  prompt shipment. 
PMS color of pen barrels are workable. 
Manufactuing new pens based on your samples or design are also workable.
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